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Scan & Go Signs


ColorGraphics now offers an interactive signs that will engage your potential customer or buyer!  This sign has a QR code that goes to your website, sellers ad, or contact database.

This type of sign is great for: restaurants, realtors, construction firms, car dealerships, retail and so much more!

FREE design assistance available from TeamCreative!

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QR Sign

First in 10 Color Print

Colorgraphics has the only 10-color printer in Maine (and we’re investing in another 10-color printer)!

With this printer we can achieve 98.6% Pantone color matching. Other printers can only achieve near 70% success. Color is important as it’s your business’s identity!

In addition, we get the tough files other printers cannot handle.

Colorgraphics also has white ink printing capability! White ink comes in handy when printing on clear media such as window graphics and/or colored base substrates.

Colorgraphics has the “work-arounds” to get complicated files to process. Have a tough file to process and print?

We will get it done.

Stand Out With Print & Increase Impact

Printing has gone far beyond putting ink on paper. Today there are many ways to reduce printing costs, increase impact, motivate response and extend the life of your print materials.

These new technologies have created opportunities for affordable print materials that are more flexible, sophisticated and customer-intimate than ever before.

Working with Colorgraphics gives you access to the latest in variable-data printing, large-format printing, mailing services, integration and more.

That’s the “what” stuff.

Here’s the “why.” Simply put, people like the feel of paper.

That’s why we get excited about the ways to make your messages stand out and last longer! We do it with cool printing finishes and folds which allow you to stand out and be heard.

We handle every project with care – from the basics like business cards, letterhead and envelopes – to more complex, multi-piece campaigns, all the way up to LARGE format banners and more. 

You get it all with a single point of contact who can seamlessly and efficiently apply the right printing solutions to save you time and money.

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